The Conformity Scale
The Conformity Scale is offered here primarily for research use by students. In the event it is employed in clinical settings or for any other purpose, it is strongly advisable that findings based on the present instrument be checked against additional data from alternative tests and interview materials.

The Conformity Scale was developed by Mehrabian and Stefl (1995) as part of a study of the interrelations among loneliness, shyness, and conformity. If you use the Conformity Sale, be sure to read the Mehrabian and Stefl article for additional background information. You should find analyses of loneliness, shyness, and conformity in terms of the PAD Temperament Model informative.

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Also, Mehrabian's (1997) theoretical analysis of traits that are approximately related to affiliation and sociability (i.e., sensitivity to rejection, empathy, dependency, conformity, popularity, loneliness, and shyness) is most relevent in understanding the present conformity scale.

Mehrabian, A. (1997). Analysis of affiliation-related traits in terms of the PAD Temperament Model. Journal of Psychology, 131, 101-117.


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