Interviews on Nonverbal Communication (Body Language) With Albert Mehrabian

This 63-minute audio CD of two interviews with Albert Mehrabian provides an overview of the different areas of his research on nonverbal communication. It can be helpful for understanding nonverbal messages in everyday life and could be a good adjunct to the book "Silent Messages."

There are two separate interviews on this CD. The first interview is about 39 minutes long and deals with a large variety of issues on nonverbal communication (e.g., what it is that we communicate with our body, our gestures, or our voice quality, etc.; what basic aspects of meaning are communicated nonverbally; how can you tell if someone is being deceptive; what is required for a communication to become persuasive). The second (approximately 24 minute) interview also deals with some of the fundamental questions on how we communicate our feelings and attitudes by the ways in which we orient ourselves, move, and talk. However, this second interview also deals with some of the broader, social issues of how nonverbal communication is used in political campaigns and in the media.

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