Brief Summary of "Beyond IQ: Broad-Based Measurement of Individual Success Potential or "Emotional Intelligence"
Mehrabian, A. (2000). Beyond IQ: Broad-based measurement of individual success potential or "emotional intelligence."Genetic, Social, and General Psychology Monographs, 126, 133-239.

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Understanding and Measuring Emotional Intelligence

Briefly, my approach to measuring so-called "emotional intelligence" goes back to the very basic question that has motivated the concept. The fundamental question is: "If measures of IQ cannot explain most of the variance in life success, then what personality measures can?" Proponents of emotional intelligence argue that this can be done basically (and only) with their new and emotion-based scales. My study went to the heart of the matter by first including an extremely thorough review of personality and IQ correlates of life success. Results of this review were used to identify the most important personality correlates of various elements of life success, including emotional success (general happiness and life satisfaction), relationship success (satisfactory and harmonious interpersonal relationships), physical success (health and fitness, few illnesses), work success (work satisfaction and dedication to work), career and financial success (good choice of a career, growth in one's career, good investment and money-management skills).

31 individual-difference measures were used in the study to investigate personality and IQ correlates of the five aforementioned facets of life success. The study is immense in its scope and in terms of the results it produced. Results were very clear in identifying the strongest personality and temperament correlates of each of the life success measures. The report is nearly a book-length (108 page) monograph.

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