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The Name Game: The Decision that Lasts a Lifetime

This volume is written for the general reader and provides specific numerical scores describing the impressions personal names create. The survey data for the book were gathered by asking respondents the following question: "Supposing you were to meet someone for the first time and you only knew their sex and first name. What kind of person do you think they would turn out to be?" Respondent impressions for each name were taken on six basic dimensions: Success, Morality, Health or Popularity, Warmth, Cheerfulness, Masculinity- Femininity.

Average ratings from all respondents who rated a given name were summarized using scores that range from zero to 100, with 50 being an average score. For example, "John" received an average Success score of 86 (extremely high) whereas "Jock" received a Success score of 9 (extremely low). These two names differ substantially in terms of the impression of Success (which includes connotations of intelligence, creativity, ambition) they impart.

A key thesis of Mehrabian's approach to naming is that names become part of a person's self-identity and, furthermore, names determine how others perceive and react to a person. There is substantial experimental literature supporting that thesis. Simply, people with desirable or attractive names are treated more favorably by others than are those with undesirable or unattractive names. Accordingly, it behooves parents to discover the impressions that will be generated by the names they select for their children. And, The Name Game provides the results of a massive survey summarizing the impression profiles for most commonly used names.

A Theory of Affiliation:

This volume is written for students of psychology and for researchers who have a particular interest in the basics of social interaction, friendliness, fear of rejection, or distinctive individual styles of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Public Places and Private Spaces:

This volume is written for the general reader and provides a theoretically coherent and straightforward framework for understanding how our everyday environments (homes, workplaces) influence major behavior patterns: socializing, work, eating, temptations to overeat, use of alcohol, reactions to stress.

Basic Dimensions for a General Psychological Theory

This volume is written for research psychologists and advanced students. It presents a general approach for the description, measurement, and study of a large variety of psychological problems from the perspective of emotions.

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