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Important Message: Most of the following scales are presented here only for informational purposes. Professor Mehrabian has sharply curtailed distribution of his scales and may possibly supply his PAD Emotion Scales and Software and his three PAD Temperament Scales (individually or combined, as given in the PAD Temperament Software) to very select researchers and businesses.

Emotional Intelligence & Emotions or Affect

Life and Work Success


Psychological Health & Well-Being

Temperament: The Pleasure-Arousability-Dominance (PAD) Scales & Software


Tests for Developmental Studies

Other Tests

The scales described here were developed by Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D. over a period of 40 years of research. Students who are planning research that requires personality tests, measures of psychopathology, or measures of feelings, affective states, or emotions will find the materials in this section of considerable value.

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